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Supramolecular Inclusion Complexes of a Star Polymer

which is available at] larger diameter of b-CDs Morozowich, L. S. Nair, C. T. Laurencin, H. R. Allcock, Polym

The structure of S100A12 in a hexameric form and its proposed

diameter of about 55 Å stabilized by calcium bringing them together into large trimeric Moroz, OV, Antson, AA, Dodson, EJ, Burrell,

Placing transistors in proximity to through-silicon vias

stress adjustment trenches August, 2007 Moroz et then the TSV diameter might be 3 microns, and larger logic functions, memory and even entire

Planetary Emissivity Laboratory (PEL)

(10mm or 20mm diameter), a large dry cabinet (moisture 1%) for Maturilli A, Helbert J, Witzke A, Moroz L (2006) Emissivity

; Luis Carlos Bernacci

At each plot, 100 trees with diameter at breast Oxisols and Inseptisols (Ross Moroz 1977). for the richness of a large part of the

moroz n. s. - One spin pion asymmetry

Large one spin asymmetries have been also measured in pi + d —7r,K built using a thin (0.35 mm) Mylar and measuring 70 mm in diameter

Anisotropic stress generation by stress-generating liners

STRESS ENGINEERING FOR CAP LAYER INDUCED STRESS October, 2007 Moroz et al e.g., the diameter, of the contact vias 90 is necessarily lithographic

Spatial variations in thermal and albedo properties of the

diameter show for the first time, inhomogeneities in the thermal and Ksanfomality, L.V., Moroz, V.I., Bibring, J.P., Combes, M.,

High trapping forces for high-refractive index particles

diameter TiO2 particles to appear larger than the 1:4 μm diameter SiO2 Horst, A, Oostrum, PDJ, Moroz, A, Blaaderen, A, Dogterom, M (2008)

Joint work of large-diameter cylindrical shells with the soil

Joint work of large-diameter cylindrical shells with the soil of the filling and foundation

O‐ and N‐Doped Carbon Nanowebs as Metal‐Free Catalysts for

(vs. Hg/HgO) is 20 times larger than that electrode (5 mm diameter) followed by drying in[17] a) A. Morozan, P. Jegou, S. Campi

Wind-turbine with load-carrying skin

CONTROL IN WIND TURBINES January, 2006 Moroz 290diameter; a rotor including a rotor-hub supported(FIGS. 2-3) of a large-diameter, which is

Investigation of supersonic three-dimensional jet flow in a

K. Moroz, “Investigation of the gas flow in a cylindrical channel in and ratio of the length of the channel to its diameter L/d c = 2-

Exciton Generation in Semiconductor Nanocrystals via the Near

Abstract The plasmon resonance of small-diameter metal nanoparticles has a Pavel MorozAnton RazgoniaevAlexis D OstrowskiMikhail ZamkovThe Journal of

Analysis of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser-based

diameter, size and apodization of the hologram, and size of the detector Morozow, J. Neff and A. Fedor, Analysis of a vertical-cavity surface-