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Fast Specication of Cycle-Accurate Processor Models

Abstract This paper introduces a new specification style for processor microarchitectures. Our goal is to produce very simple, compact, but cycle-accurate

GCE AS and A Level Specication English Literature B pot

GCE AS and A Level Specification English Literature B pot

Static Reductions for Promela Specications

Then, each statement of the promela specification is translated into a sub-As x is local, the value of x cannot change before sf is executed,

Specication searches using MAG models

Specication searches using MAG modelsABSTRACT The class of maximal ancestral graph (MAG) models can be used to model the Markov structure among the

The single-period (news-vendor) problem : literature review

changing the managers behavior, but cautioned modi®cation was suggested for positive ordering speci®c end items while others are common to

Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specications

IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specications Ieee-sa Standards Board

Using UPPAAL for the Specication and Verication

Using UPPAAL for the Specication and VericationABSTRACT We present the formal speci#cation and veri#cation of a lip synchronization algorithm using the

Building a MultiAgent System from a User Work ow Specication

Building a MultiAgent System from a User Work ow SpecicationThis paper provides a methodology to build a MultiAgent System (MAS) described in terms

Liver specication and early morphogenesis

Liver speci®cation and early morphogenesisThe classically de(R)ned induction of the liver from the endoderm, elicited by the cardiac mesoderm, has

A Logic for Mixed Specications

The denotation of a composition in Korrigan (with the notations of Fig. 3) is a composed mixed specification (Σ, Ax, State, Init) where : 13 –

spiritualni mikro-otpori kao trini mehanizmi interpelacije

it provides an ideational environment for market economy, mechanisms of diverting social tensions and, ultimately, ideological justifi cation of the negative

Formal Specication and Verication of Networking

Formal SpeciÞcation and VeriÞcation of NetworkingMing-Yuan Zhu

A spatial ltering specication for the auto-Poisson model

Its conventional speciycation is plagued by being restricted to only situations involving negative spatial autocor- relation, and an intractable normalizing

Safety analysis in formal specication

to specify the functionality of a system, to verify its correctness or to develop the system stepwise from an abstract specification to its implementation

The Late Palaeozoic relations between Gondwana and Laurussia

O, TriniWales, GalleriesPark, CathaysCfio, CardMuseum, ManchesterCentral Europe: Geological Society of London Special Publi- cation, 179, pp

Two-Dimensional Specication of Universal Quantication in a

Two-Dimensional Specification of Universal Quantification in a Graphical DatabaseAbstract—We propose a technique for specifying universal quantification

Integration of Specication Techniques

Integration of Specication Techniquesdoi: » Integration of Specication Techniques.Christian Krog Madsen

Civil Engineering Specication

Civil Engineering SpecificationIVOR H. SEELEYB.Sc., M.A., C.Eng., M.I.Mun.E., F.R.I.C.S., F.I.Q.S.Chartered Engineer and Surveyor

Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived CD166+ Precursors Develop Into

cation channel HCN4 during mouse heart development. for at least two weeks, changing the medium Campostrini G, Bucchi A, Milanesi R, Baru

Transforming and Rening Abstract Constraint Specications

There may be cases where it is necessary to transform instances— schematic or non 6 4Transforming the Abstract Problem Specification This section


Abstract We present a technique to prove invariants of model-based specications in a fragment of set the- ory. Proof obligations containing set theory

The Chirp Language Specication Version 2

The Chirp Language Specication Version 2Li Xu

forzza, rafaela campostrini

as well as an identifcation key to Brazilian Navia species, are providedMartinelli, GustavoForzza, Rafaela CampostriniPlant Ecology and Evolution

UML-Based System Specication Design

UML-Based System Specication Design Piet Putten Details Authors You can change the active elements on the page (buttons and links) by

A Specication for Dening and Annotating Regions of

A Specification for Defining and Annotating Regions of Macromolecular StructuresSegID field is added to PDB entries, then that will constitute another

Formal Specication and Validation of

Formal Specification and Validation ofAbstract: Selective ACKnowledgment (SACK) is a complex communication protocol as it is used in various types of

Type Specication by Regular Expressions

Type Specication by Regular ExpressionsLout Soufi