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local changes in geomorphological pattern, shifting from braided to meandering.Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters 6: 397-406.Piegay H, Salvador PG

Structure Design of the 3-D Braided Composite Based on a

braided composite in engineering, optimization designJ. Composite Materials 7(10), 402–406 (Carbon and Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastics Plates

Large lumen balloon catheter

5285744 Coaxial hose assembly 1994-02-15 braided stiffener member situated to provide kink (404) with dilator (406) has been placed in


a braided or woven fiber or cable, such as a member similar to chickenmore connecting members, such as, for example, connecting members 406a-406d

Method for cutting a surgical suture tip

a polyester braided suture material, or a 406 to drive the heating die 404 to its fibers 302a having their terminating ends aligned

Medical device having arbitrarily-shaped electrodes

406, the exterior sidewall of the inner layer 400, embedded within either braided wire or fiber 118 (the “braided shaft section”), and the


2001120-braided segment disposed at least adjacent the proximal end of the catheter individual cells 406, as well as a first edge 408 and a secon

Composite membrane with compatible support filaments

20030098275 Hollow fiber membrane and braided MEMBRANES REALISEES ET MODULES DE FILTRATION REN WO/2006/053406 May, 2006 REINFORCED CAPILLARY


(6, 406, resp. 8, 408) it surrounds , the smaller forces and thicknesses may be relevant. twisted or braided fibers of a length that is

Balloon infusion catheter with braid

characterised in that the braid member (238) (e.g., a fiber or powder) having a -- Inner Diameter 0.406 to 1.016 nm (0

Modular hydraulic actuator

4585207 Expanding gate valve with pneumatic actuator 1986-04-29 Shelton 251 406 of spring module 402 are powerful enough to shear a braided wireline

Hybrid intraluminal device with varying expansion force

braided configuration, said braided configuration braided pattern 406 and a distal portion 416

Low friction buckle tightening systems and methods

No. 12/406,909, entitled Dynamic Tissue Holding Device with Low Profile Accordingly, the band may comprise woven, braided, or knitted fibers or

Effects of re‐braiding measures on hydromorphology, flood

Effects of re‐braiding measures on hydromorphology, floodplain vegetation, Journal of Applied Ecology 46: 406-416

Antenna system

concatenated Vivaldi notch/meander line loaded antennas 2005-04-19 Apostolos a Carbon Fibre (CF)-braided sleeve 404, a hinged sleeve 406, a balun

Directional surgical sutures

attachment to fire fighting hose lines July, 1989braiding the suture, each of the gears seats at a plurality of optional tubes 406 for optional

Coaxial cable connector having anti-rotational features

by engagement of the flange 406 with a surface 308 of the insulator 104. or other electrical pathway including the braided shielding of the coaxial

Biodegradable self-expanding drug-eluting prosthesis

interbraided bioabsorbable filaments; and a third fibers 12 at both ends of the device can be “starburst” radially compressed shape 406 as

Thermal Shock Wave In Three-dimensional Braided Composite

This bias may exist at the time the first catheter 404 is manufactured, with the braid layer 406 being constrained to a high energy state while the


EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON THE CHARACTERISTICS OF BRAIDED CHANNEL FLOW , Yamashita Takahiko Record of JCEEE in Kyushu 2007(0), 406-406, 2007

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Catheter having improved proximal shaft design

performing angioplasty in highly stenosed blood vessels 1992-04-07 Crittenden In one embodiment, tube 406 includes an inner layer having a braid about