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of between about 650 PSI and about 750 PSI. 100″ sq (H2O), 1000 cc ml/day 100″ sq are joined by an intermediate flange or rib 377

Extensible Modeling Languages and Precision Timed

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Low density paperboard articles

lbf., preferably at least 100×10−3 lft-lbf(approximately 200 psi or greater), which will Permeance (Sheffield) (units/in2) 319 377 858


2014928- Robert -birkenbeul 5AP100L-43,0/3,6 kW, PS120001-050 PMAX 10BAR/145PSI 1-bn:NC 2- FLEX 377.929 hommel TKU600 230480KE5/90GD

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Adhesively bonded engine and transmission parts

2007720-about 200 psi or greater 20 minutes after (for example DESMODUR® N-100 or RFE 506 377 (2.60) 80% CF 20% AF 270 (1.86

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A slot fed microstrip antenna (b100/b) provides improved efficiency through enhanced coupling of electromagnetic energy between the feed line (b117


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Optical frequency transfer over 377 km urban fiber

Optical frequency transfer over 377 km urban fiber link using EDFAs doi:10.1117/12.2506390CIOP100Xue DengJie LiuQi ZangDongdong JiaoWeicheng Kong

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2018525-% E KUHNKEV45-N-24V DC 100 % ED RICKMEIER RSN2 SAE s-nr:340133-8KUEBLER 8.5850BANSBACH D3D3-80-150-377--001/100NHAZET 990

Pressure sensitive adhesive composition containing ethylene/

psi; c) slowly adding a monomer feed over a 100° C., producing a copolymer having at least 2 12.9 80.3 AF 377 AF 3 12.4 213.0

Thermoplastic elastomeric compositions

and pneumatic tire and hose made with the samestate, most preferably a 100 percent cure state. Fatigue life 178,000 29,000 40,000 377,000

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Phosphorus-containing flame-retardant hardeners, epoxy resins

2001620-100 parts by weight of the epoxy resin and/or Air N2 Air N2 Air N2 Air N2 Air N2 TBBA/PN (50/50) 11.92 127 369 377 379

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Two-wheeled vehicle

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Electrochemical cell bipolar plate with sealing feature

20111120- or an oxygen-containing gas such as air, is 100 psi, up to or exceeding about 500 psi, and likewise through channels 376 and 377 of

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2015112- CA10-G56M/4-HAN100.09kw;3.2/3.8rpm200- BNH,DN20,SAE,6000PSI,S,1123 TC/F/FB-05A 0377 655-07 ML 1540mm Id.Nr.275 066 26

Toughened Cyanoacrylate Compositions

20070068615 Method for manufacturing heat pipes 100 watts per inch (about 40 watts per cm), 500 psi, depending on the specified compositions

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System to support and service yard hydrants

Other Classes: 137/272, 137/294, 137/377 where the riser pipe of the yard hydrant is yard hydrant 100 extending from the five-way