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Flexible pharma

Flexible pharmaFirst page of articledoi:10.1002/cind.792_4.x《Chemistry Industry》

List of reviewers

The conference offers a note of thanks and lists its reviewers.doi:10.1109/IWSDA.2011.6159457Fifth International Workshop on Signal Design Its


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TNTs Time Critical Services Answer Regions Need for

Fuelled by mounting demands from customers in Asia, leading express delivery company, TNT, is placing greater emphasis than ever on its Time Critical

Research report UCB-ITS-WP-79-8 : Flex-time travel:research

Research report UCB-ITS-WP-79-8 : Flex-time travel:research framework and preliminary findings WP-79UniversityofBerkeleyCa

A flexible schedule.(Uncensored)

A flexible schedule.(Uncensored)


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Technology and numerical analysis method of SCR installation

analysis models are established to execute the step-by-step analysis of the challenging installation procedures using OrcaFlex.On the basis of the dynamic


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