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A new tool for mini-open carpal tunnel release – the PSU retractor doi:10.1186//p>

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Apparatus and a method for supplying conditioned air to an

Further, a linear actuator may release the retractor from the hose allowing 1. An apparatus for providing conditioned air from a first environment to

Flexible hose retractor

An above-ground gravity return hose retractor, which is particularly useful in service stations for supplying air and water, encloses the hoses and the

US4895528A - Universal high/low voltage hose-to-wall fitting

power-driven air-pumps or air-compressors, e.gfitting attached to the other end of the hose.retractor valve with vacuum assisted hose lock and

Hose retractor device

Hose retractor device.A hose retractor device including a hose channel mounted on a truck or other vehicle and a pulley movably mounted within the hose

Statement of retraction

[Show full abstract]Georgi XosrovashviliNima E. GorjiMohammad HoushmandAshkan MebadiM. Hosein Zandi《Journal of Modern Optics》

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Almost every regulator comes with hose protectors on the 1st stage to prevent hose bending. Alec explains why protectors on rubber hoses are important and


Apparatus useful in surgery for holding retractors and other surgical which contain air hoses for transporting the pressurized gas that locks

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Used Reg Repair - Air Fill Stations - your hose mount computer or compass to retractor. Akona Retractor - Mini Version with QD $23


HOSE EXTRACTOR/RETRACTOR MODULEThe object of the invention is to achieve a air-supply machine is suspended on the front part of the actual embarkation

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Hose reel retractor with uni-directional viscous speed governor

2006119-A take-up reel for winding and storing an elongate hose or electrical cable comprises a reel supported by a stationary support shaft and urg

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US9241697B2 - Wound retractor - Google PatentsWound retractor Download PDF InfoPublication number US9241697B2 US9241697B2 US14/309,043 US201414309043A US

Anti-crimping hose or cable clamp

1712176 Overhead air-service appliance 1929-05- said fuel delivery hose residing in an overheadretractor/retriever mechanism to loop or coil an

Method and apparatus for hose storage in an article handling

hose between said one and said another end, forIt describes the use of a negative air pressure needed, such as one with a motorized retractor

Two piece moveable hose retractor for a faucet

Two piece moveable hose retractor for a faucetA hose retractor for use with a pull-out dispensing unit of a faucet.Kurt J. Thomas

Method for using a tissue stabilization device during surgery

the heart is achieved through a mini-thoracotomy.while still captured in the retractor mount 20. stem 64 and moved proximally on flexible hose 2

Divice and a method for supplying conditioned air to an

Further, the retractor may be released from the hose and container, 16. A method for supplying conditioned air to an aircraft, the method

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Air discharge device

My inventive property is a tool to expel residual liquid from larger diameter hose, pipe or any other defined tubular conduit such as Fire Hose or Lay

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A retractor for the hose of a dental handpiece, the retractor being equipped with a spring-supported weight for tripping the release mechanism of the

Dental instrument hose retraction device

A device for retracting and storing a length of hose is provided. The device is housed within a dental cabinet and includes a rectangular compartment

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