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Apparatus for multistage purification of water

Assistant Examiner: Reifsnyder, David Attorney, Agent or Firm: Mallinckrodt As was explained with regard to the hose or tube connected to the water

Management of Overactive Bladder

Use of leg elevation, support hose, and salt restriction may be helpful. appears to ameliorate detrusor hyperreflexia in patients with spinal cord

Automated beverage system

1975649 Cup dispenser 1934-10-02 Reifsnyder 1657879 Cup dispenser 1928-of air supply hoses 87 and 89 and a pair of support rods 90 and 92

Warning system to indicate sudden tyre pressure drop - makes

Warning device for a vehicle wheel with a pneumatic tyre with emergency running capability in which a hose-like air chamber (7,7) with flexible walls

Method of producing an air bladder from two uncured membranes

An air bladder is formed by producing a foil imprint on an inner surface of a first uncured rubber sheet, by heat pressing the imprint from a hot

Optimal tracking of parameter drift in a chaotic system:

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Selective materials separation using modified magnetic

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: Oblon, suspension which are not held by the at least one magnet through a hose

Ozone generating means and water quality improving apparatus

Assistant Examiner: Reifsnyder, David Attorney, Agent or Firm: Brumbaugh, hose member, and a gas is pumped from the air pump 4 into the bubble

Queen honors King, Stewart in Blighty

Reifsteck, Greg // Daily Variety;11/19/2001, Vol. 273 Issue 56, p15 Lodderhose, Diana // Variety;6/28/2010, Vol. 419 Issue 7, p8 The

Tubular, fabric-reinforced coupling used in vehicle internal

Richtung Gewebeschlauch 13über den Überreifbereich 20 hinaus blockiert. The two flexible tubular ends (14, 15) of the hose (13) are surrounded

Vorrichtung zum Prsentieren eines Kleidungsstücks

hoses Moderate IndirectMaterials-DiredContactHoses Fox V N Latex alle Adducts t Reif Y N 2) Haemoglobin addups of aromatic amines (AA) 2)

Portable post driving apparatus

(3068 S. Reif Rd., Powell Butte, OR, 97753) Application Number: 08/(as best seen in FIGS. 2 and 6) via an elongated flexible air hose

Long-term determination of thickness alteration of ice floe

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Claims: What is claimed is: 1. said hollow rod and said water inlet tube to said water inlet hose when

Disposable rotary drum filter

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Parent Case Data: RELATED tubing, piping or hoses of different size that will be coupled thereto

Apparatus for separating solids from a liquid

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: Frijout,11 and the liquid 12 through a second input hose 32 into the apparatus

Method of increasing the efficiency in an ore separation

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: Oblon, which have not been held by the at least one magnet through a hose

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Silicone elastomer hose for oxygenation of water, esp. in

2009919-A new silicone-elastomer hose has an outer dia. of greater than 4.5mm, and a wall thickness of greater than or equal to 0.5 mm in its undila

Microfluidic extraction and reaction device

6959812 Filter package 2005-11-01 Reif et al. 206/469 20040182788 Plasma they consist of a connection piece, in this case, a segment of hose

Process for the Preparation of Pulverulent Alkoxycarbonyl

Reif, Martin (Romerberg, DE) Hirsch, Stefan (Neustadt an der Weinstr hose filters or other filters known to those skilled in the art, or in


Kironn, Lexia (177 New Britain Avenue, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, US) (e.g., a pipe, hose or duct), a manifold, a splitter, a valve, a

Method for determining the dew point of a moist gas, and

A hygroscopic polyamide hose which ensures maintenance-free moistening of the worauf der Taupunktspiegel 3 unmittelbar mit einem Tau- oder Reifüber

Glasgow Coma Scale Score

Andrew Reisner, Xiaoxiao Chen, Kamal Kumar, Jaques Reifman Journal of SeyedHosein Hoseini, Afshin Gholipur, RezaAli Mohammadpur, Mohammad Ali

Method for dewatering flocculated materials

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: Sheridan,a hard plastic or aluminum construction with flexible rubber hose attachments

Device for separating a blood component from blood or plasma

Primary Examiner: Reifsnyder, David A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: Furman Jrhose 65 in a conventional manner, said blood sample preferably being ad

Postcards From Pigtown

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