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Stuttering Renement on Partial Specications

Stuttering Renement on Partial SpecicationsWe discuss the problem of stating and refining partial specifications of software systems at different levels of ab

Adding native specications to JML

Adding native specications to JMLJulien Charles

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Composing Specications for Coordinationdoi:10.1007/3-540-48919-3_10We introduce Oikos_adtl, a specification language for distributed systems based on

Luminescent chemosensors based on silica nanoparticles for

doi:10.1039/C2NJ40673JNew Journal of ChemistryMarco MontaltiEnrico RampazzoNelsi ZaccheroniLuca Prodi

Reasoning About Method Calls in JML Specications

Reasoning About Method Calls in JML SpecicationsABSTRACT The Java Modeling Language, JML, is an interface speci- cation language that uses side-eect free

2. Specications and Assumptions_

Evolutional Tableau for Temporal Logic Specicationslogic with unless operator.This method is based on a tableau p roof system which reuses tableau

American National Standard Performance Specications for

American National Standard Performance SpeciÞcations for Reactor Emergency Radiological Monitoring Instrumentation

Peer-Based Multithreaded Executable Co-Specication

specification capabilities currently available in each domain for mixed-systems Paul, S. Peffers, S. Weber. Peer-Based Multi- threaded Executable Co-

A Specication for Dening and Annotating Regions of

A Specification for Defining and Annotating Regions of Macromolecular StructuresSegID field is added to PDB entries, then that will constitute anothe

Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specications

IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specications Ieee-sa Standards Board

Geitlerinema ionicum——A newly recorded genus and species of

Oscillatoriales is distinct and broad cyanobacterial organism group which has been subject to taxonomical amendments. Based on field material collected from

Closing the gap between specication and programming: V and Sl

Page 1. Closing the Gap Between Specification and One of the original motivations behind Jpfwas to suggest Java as a modeling language, in addition to

Mounted Hydraulic Pumps, Portable Hydraulically Driven

Hydraulic Pumps Skid Mounted Hydraulic PumpsPortable Hydraulically Driven Pumps Mobile PumpsLine Shaft Diesel Driven Mobile Hydraulic Custom Designed and Buil

Hash family LUX - Algorithm Specications and Supporting

Hash family LUX - Algorithm Specications and Supporting DocumentationAbstract In this paper we present the hash function LUX. It is a stream based hash

Specication Language and Mining Specications

Property Specication Language (PSL) is a language used in formal methods The impact factor represents a rough estimation of the journals impact

of medicines at variance with medical product specications

Walking in the minefi eld – comments on the use of medicines at variance with medical product specificationsTOMASZ SZAFRAŃSKI

Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model | Download

Download scientific diagram | Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model from publication: Top-down modeling of RISC processors in VHDL | The authors

Color Appearance and Color Difference Specication

D. H. Brainard, Color appearance and color difference specification, in The Science of Color, S. Shevell, Ed. Optical Society of America, 2003, pp

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) Cation and Related Species N(CO)x+,N(NH3)x+ The Journal of Physical Chemistry AIoannis S. K. KerkinesLaboratory of Physical Chemistry, Department

Hydraulic Fittings – High Pressure Hose Assembly Systems –

Eaton hydraulic fittings are specifically tested to work at very high pressures when assembled together with Eaton hoses.

Identication and mis-specication issues in forward-looking

Identi¯cation and mis-speci¯cation issues in forward-looking modelsSophocles Mavroeidis

bokesand, s. - Development of test rig for acoustic chemometer

hydraulic/pneumatic, electric motor or solenoid. The wishes in the specification can also be Hoses The purpose of the second prototype was

Primary ionic species of 1,1-diphenylethylene produced by

doi:10.1016/0146-5724(78) HayashiMasahiro IrieDagmar LindenauWolfram Schnabel

UML-Based System Specication Design

strings of text saved by a browser on the users device. The portal Languages for System Specification Identifiers book ISBN : 978-1-4020-

A Logic with Temporal Glue for Mixed Specications

co11cer11s or aspects is nowadays recognized as an important issue i11 software engineering, both at the programming and at the design/specification

Specication Sensitivities in Right-Tailed Unit Root Testing

Shi S.P,C.B.Phillips,J.Yu.Specification Sensitivities in Right-Tailed Unit RootTesting for Financial Bubbles.Working Papers,72011,Hong Kong Institute

Hierarchical Defaults in Specications

Hierarchical Defaults in Specicationsdoi:10.1080/18125441.2010.500452ABSTRACT The goal of this paper is to explain the usage and semantics of hierarchical