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Identi¯cation and mis-speci¯cation issues in forward-looking modelsSophocles Mavroeidis

Liver specication and early morphogenesis

Liver speci®cation and early morphogenesisThe classically de(R)ned induction of the liver from the endoderm, elicited by the cardiac mesoderm, has

Specication Language and Mining Specications

Property Specication Language (PSL) is a language used in formal methods The impact factor represents a rough estimation of the journals impact

Testing from Traces Specications

Testing from Traces SpecicationsABSTRACT Testing-based approaches towards guaranteeing quality in software development have always been more widely accepted t

Glass jug specication from different vendor_

A Specification for Defining and Annotating Regions of Macromolecular StructuresSegID field is added to PDB entries, then that will constitute anothe

American National Standard Performance Specications for

American National Standard Performance SpeciÞcations for Reactor Emergency Radiological Monitoring Instrumentation

Densities for four experts with various specications |

Download scientific diagram | Densities for four experts with various specications from publication: Augmenting migration statistics with expert knowledge |

Technical Specication for Authorization Service

Technical Specication for Authorization ServiceABSTRACT In this document, the description of initial architecture for the Authorization Service developed as a

Nuovo DRM Paradiso: Formal specication and verication of a

Nuovo DRM Paradiso: Formal specication and verication of a DRM protocolH. JonkerS. Krishnan NairM. Torabi Dashti

A Logic with Temporal Glue for Mixed Specications

co11cer11s or aspects is nowadays recognized as an important issue i11 software engineering, both at the programming and at the design/specification

Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Complex Mission Specications

Dynamic Vehicle Routing with Complex Mission Specifications

A Logic for Mixed Specications

The denotation of a composition in Korrigan (with the notations of Fig. 3) is a composed mixed specification (Σ, Ax, State, Init) where : 13 –

Ecient Analysis of Innite CSP Z Specications

Ecient Analysis of Innite CSP Z SpecicationsABSTRACT Model Checking is an automatic technique becoming widely used by software industry. However, in some

Adding native specications to JML

Adding native specications to JMLJulien Charles

Re ections on the Design of a Speci cation Language

We re ect on our experiences from work on the design and semantic under- pinnings of Extended ML, a speci cation language which supports the speci c

Evolutional Tableau for Temporal Logic Specications

Evolutional Tableau for Temporal Logic Specicationslogic with unless operator.This method is based on a tableau p roof system which reuses tableau

Reactive Modules from Assumption/Guarantee Specications 1

Synthesis of Reactive Modules from Assumption/Guarantee Specications É1JP!}äõ)WDTPˇ‡ @~ (NSC 95-2221-E-002-127) on ResearchGate, the

Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model | Download

Download scientific diagram | Conceptual View of the Specication Level Model from publication: Top-down modeling of RISC processors in VHDL | The authors

Toward a Basis for Protocol Speci cation and Process

we consider the decomposition of behavioral speci- cations into interacting This construction generalizes the earlier for- malism of system factorization

Software Verication for Branching-time Specications?

State/Event Software Verication for Branching-time Specications?Sagar ChakiEdmund ClarkeOrna GrumbergNatasha SharyginaTayssir Touili Helmut Veith

GTL, a Grammar Transformation Language for SDF specications

GTL, a Grammar Transformation Language for SDF specicationsA direct, one-step transformation is presented for transforming an arbitrary LR(k) context-free

Stuttering Renement on Partial Specications

Stuttering Renement on Partial SpecicationsWe discuss the problem of stating and refining partial specifications of software systems at different levels of ab

Hierarchical Defaults in Specications

Hierarchical Defaults in Specicationsdoi:10.1080/18125441.2010.500452ABSTRACT The goal of this paper is to explain the usage and semantics of hierarchical

Exchanging Process Specications for Identifying Cooperative

Exchanging Process SpeciÞcations for Identifying Cooperative Information SystemsCarlo Simon, Andreas Winter

Peer-Based Multithreaded Executable Co-Specication

We introduce a unified multithreading model for execution and motivate the need to expand the specification capabilities currently available in each domain fo

Composing Specications for Coordination

Oikos-adtl is based on an asynchronous, distributed, temporal logic, which extends Unity to deal with components and events.We present the specification

in Multi-Agent Systems under TemporalLogic Specications

Pick-Up and Delivery Planning in Multi-Agent Systems under Temporal Logic SpecicationsThis thesis describes an approach for solving planning problems for